Keep from auto connecting fire doors

I am trying to redo our floor plan.  When attempting to put in firedoors if I connect one end to a wall the door automatically rotates and connects to the same wall, I am unable to get it to connect to the opposite wall.  I have unchecked Dynamic Grid, Auto connect, even connection, but these are under view, so obviously have no affect.  Not sure where to find the correct option.  See attachments.  Thank you in advance
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Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
You're right that the doors in the floor plan templates are designed to drop into a wall and not bridge between walls.

The trick to accomplishing what you want is to know that walls can bridge between other walls. So drag a new wall onto the page and glue one end to each of your parallel walls. Then drop the fire door onto your new wall. Should work fine.

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Similar to Scott's comment: can you just make one big wall at the top of the T intersection, then drop the door onto that wall? The shapes are designed such that you drop doors on top of walls, you don' t have to go wall-door-wall.

But I might have misunderstood the question, so I'll try another answer, just in case.

If you're having troubles with the door snapping to the wrong wall at a junction, try dropping the door on the desired wall a distance away from the junction. Then use the arrow keys to nudge the door along the wall until you get close to the junction.

Also note, if the door is facing the wrong way, right-click it. There are options for flipping the in-out and left-right orientation of the door without having to move it or rotate it yourself.
Aries4033Author Commented:
Did not realize by doing this, the frame of the door would cover the wall that was put in place.  Worked wonderfully, thanks
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