Sun Fire v100 Clone

Hi - I have a very old Sun Fire v100 system that is used for one of the setups at my job. No one really knows what the purpose of it is for since we are a small shop and it was setup by an engineer who has long left the company.

In fear of losing the data on this machine, we want to make a back up and clone the server incase of failure. Can someone shed some light as to what the Sun Fire v100 purpose is and how can I clone this server.

I was thinking since its a terminal server (connecting thru DB9 cable), it would be difficult to do it on the same machine. I was thinking of removing the two hard drives on the Sun Fire and set it as slave drives and clone it creating an image.

The trouble would be finding a machine that would accept these old legacy hard drives....
Any thoughts? No idea what OS is on it either.
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Most likely it runs Solaris 8 aka SunOS 2.8
You may clone with other OS install disks written on CD-R meda at low speed: (Gentoo, OpenBSD sparc64 are smallest)
TeknikDevAuthor Commented:
What is a machine like the Sun Fire v100 do? How does it help the infrastructure of a typical server setup?
It is a UNIX server
It can run about anything
ps -efA -> what is running
pkg_info -v -> what is installed
netstat -an | grep LISTEN -> what network ports are open -> show me this i will tell you whats running

could be mail, time, dns/dhcp, webserver (apache), all sorts of java application servers, print service
tftp to back up network gear, oracle database, something hand-compiled (ls -l /usr/local/bin -> show me this too)

ls -l /usr/local/bin > ls-l.txt
then upload fileas attachment here.

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TeknikDevAuthor Commented:
anyone have instructions on how to clone a Sunfire v100?

Does my plan sound okay? Remove the two hard drive and put them as slave on another machine and then clone using a tool like Norton's Ghost?

How do I know if its a RAID or not on the Sun Fire v100?
Umm can you read .... at least The Internet?

It does not run Windows, and it does not have i386-compatible CPU
Why would you clone free disk space? You need to dump the filesystem as root user to some file over NFS. Then you can extract some files from that dump using x86 Solaris or Linux (which would be mst likely migration targets in your case...)
FYI Noton ghost destroys non-Microsoft partitions when cloning. Even worse - there are no MBR partitions in SPARC Solaris drives for norton ghost to clone
As a proficient computer user use your fingers to count the only disk drive and invent suitable RAID configuration....
Also dump does not work well with database. Thats why I beg you to answer my first questions before sharing another avalanche of stupid to useless questions....
TeknikDevAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
Approach1: just switch it off for aweek - if nobody complains wipe and sell on ebay
Approach2: try to make replacement applications of onesyou find. After a week spend swithch it off and proceed with sales....
Approach3: spend 2 weeks assessing everything it runs and making replacements switching overone by one. once oldmachine is empty -"-
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