Split Memo field into separate columns in Access

I have a table named RECORDS which has 2 fields: an ID field and a memo field which is a list of file names each fixed at 8 characters (some records have more than 10,000 characters representing hundreds of pages in the memo field).  I'm looking for an access (or SQL) query that will create a new table with the output described below.  


2   |0000000200000003000000040000000500000006000000070000000800000009
3   |0000001000000011000000120000001300000014

Column 1 = ID
Column2 = FileName.tif
Column3 = FileName.PageNo

ID |FILE                  |Page
2   |00000002.tif   |00000002.001
2   |00000003.tif   |00000003.002
2   |00000004.tif   |00000004.003
etc....until it reaches the end of the string
3   |00000010.tif   |00000010.001
3   |00000011.tif   |00000011.002
3   |00000012.tif   |00000012.003
etc...until it reaches the end of the string
Vinny JohnsonAsked:
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
try this codes

sub parseMemo()
dim rs as dao.recordset, rsNew as Dao.recordset
dim vM as string, j as long, x as long, vP, strM as string

set rsNew=currentdb.openrecordset("NewTable")
set rs=currentdb.openrecordset("table1")

do until rs.eof
       for j=0 to len(strM) step 8
           vM = mid(strM, x + j, 8)
           with rsNew
                   ![File]=vM & ".tif"
                    !page=vm & "." & Format(vP,"000")
           end with

end sub
Vinny JohnsonAuthor Commented:
sorry....i'm more of a noob when it comes to programming.  I'm a very quick study, but my current skill set is mainly limited to creating queries.  I've attached a sample database.  If you could show me, I'd REALLY appreciate it.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
click the button Parse MEMO
then open the table "newTable"

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Vinny JohnsonAuthor Commented:
thx SO much!
Vinny JohnsonAuthor Commented:
This is exactly what I needed!
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