Windows server backup fail consistency check for exchange

I have a DAG setup, I backup the active database copy without any issues.  I want to backup the passive database copies as well.  

The active database copy backup is fine, using windows backup command
wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:F: -include:E: -allCritical -vssfull -quiet

The passive database copy fails the consistency check, using the same command.  I have ran the following commands to check the databases and they all come in as 'Healthy' state:

Get-Mailboxdatabasecopy status - Identity "db name"

So I am not sure why this is, I do have replica of PF in the passive database copy on that server if that make any difference.
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
As far as i know, windows backup won't work for passive db. more to read here
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Windows Backup doesn't support Passive DB backup. That is the reason it is failing. You need to look for 3rd party tool like TSM or NetBackup.
FundFireAuthor Commented:
I want to confirm that the failure of the consistency check during the backup is the result of the passive database copy using windows backup.  Because the backup is completed but with error.
FundFireAuthor Commented:
I read the link, which pointed me to another link

On the bottom of this page it tells you what you need to do to backup the passive copy of db so you do not get the error.  I did following and the backup is completed with errors.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v14\Replay\Parameters.
Add a new DWORD value named EnableVSSWriter, and set its value to 0.
Exit Registry Editor and then restart the Microsoft Exchange Replication service.
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