Farm wide Navigation (SharePoint 2007)

I am trying to implement a farm wide navigation (global) across a SharePoint 2007 farm that has about 15 site collections.
We want to be able to control the navigation through a list in one location, if possible.  Is this possible and how?
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAsked:
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in general - yes - this is possible.

You have multiple options - the following three in my mind:
1. Create your own Navigation Provider / control

2. Use XSL and DataView Web Part
3 part series:
Or from our Expert teylyn:

3. Use only jQuery / client side
Pretty like option 2 - but not using the dataview web part but SPServices library building the navigation on the client side

Each of the options have pros and cons - it depends a little bit on your environment and usage - the more user the better a coded approach with object/data caching would be suggested.

IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Option 3 is used in SharePoint 2010.  Do you think it will work for SharePoint 2007?
Rainer JeschorCommented:
I am pretty sure that all of the above options can and will work in MOSS 2007.
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
My goal is to use the method found here and add the mega menu talked about in option 2.

I'll see how that goes.  Thanks!
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
So, I was able to get this (  working on my vm but not sure how to get the mega menu working the same way.  The link above works great if I had just a few links but I have many and the mega menu will seem to do the job but I don't want to have to change each master page of the site collection to get it to work as "teylyn" blog seems to suggest.

Any ideas?
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