How to add a folder to Recent Places list?

Hello again, Experts,

I’m in Windows 7, Excel 2010 with an excel file open.  When I select File > Recent, I see a list of my recently opened workbooks &” Recent Places”.  Workbooks appear here whenever they have been opened recently.  But how do Folders show up under Recent Places?  And how do I add a folder to this “Recent Places” list [so that I can pin it here].  I don’t want to put the folder in Favorites.

When I am in a workbook I can click open to get explorer or click open recent to get my recent places list.  I prefer the “click open recent” option but want to pin my favorite folders.  If a folder does not already appear in the recent places list, how do I get it there?


Gary from Cincinnati
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garyrobbinsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I figured it out.

The folder I wanted added contained sub-folders only.  So every time I went to that folder I always proceeded further to open a sub-folder.  Therefore never leaving the main folder on my "recent places" folder list.

So I created a test file and saved it to my desired folder -- it then posted an entry in my "recent places" folder list.  I then pinned it.  After deleting my test folder, my pinned entry remained.
Press CTRL+O to activate the Open tab under File.

In the Places list double-click Computer and the Open dialog box will appear.

Locate one of your favorite or most used folders and click and drag it to the Favorites list.
Be sure not place the folder in Favorites and not in a folder that is listed under Favorites.
garyrobbinsAuthor Commented:
It dawned on me after I thought more about how entries are created in the "My Places" listing.
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