How to publish crystal reports on intranet (It is share point)


we purchased new Crystal Reports 2013, developed few reports and ran them. Now how to publish them on intranet.

Prior to this version, we used crystal 9 and users used to access them on intranet. How to do the same with this newer version.

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I am not clear what is your goal. Do you have SharePoint server and you want to make the reports available there or you want to make these reports available to your users in the local network (intranet) ?
nreichAuthor Commented:
We have SharePoint 3.0 WSS Intranet and want them to be available there.
This will require custom coding. You need to add SharePoint tag.  It is not very likely a Crystal report developer to know how to create a web part
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Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
A simple and inexpensive approach is to use one of the 3rd-party Crystal Reports Schedulers (see list at to schedule exporting the report to PDF, Excel, HTML, etc. and any desired frequency and loading the resulting files to Sharepoint.

If the scheduler doesn't provide a direct option to export to Sharepoint, you can:
* Use a mapped drive (see
* Use FTP or SFTP upload options
* Use a tool such as WebDrive (~$70):
If you want your users to run the reports you have 3 options:
1. develop a web part for SharePoint and make the reports available for your users from your SharePoint website - as far as I understand this is your goal.
2. purchase and install Web based Crystal reports solution
3. purchase and install Desktop based Crystal reports solution (multiple viewers)

#1 will be the best scenario , but you need to check your resources and development price. You might need to check also your security model because sooner or later you will need to restrict some users to run reports and this might be a problem

#2 will be acceptable although it will be a workaround – the reports will be available online , but  not on SharePoint. The prices start at $4000 and there are some possible limitations ( for example number of users)

#3 you will be able to manage the permissions and  reports from a central place, but the users will be able to run the reports just from computers where this software is installed. You can find a site license ( without limitations) for approx. $1000. Price for a single license starts at $25. There are some viewers which are able to export to SharePoint and also include scheduler. This will allow you to run on the fly or schedule reports and make them available on SharePoint or in other way – this solution will give you the most for your bucks, but you will be not able to run reports online. If you decide to go in this way be careful which product you will choose. Most of the products are designed  to work on one computer and it is expensive to manage the permissions and reports in a network environment.

If you want to schedule some reports , export them to PDF, Excel , Word … and make them available on SharePoint this is possible too. According to Ken Hamady’s website there are 3 schedulers, which support export to SharePoint : R-Tag Report Manager, RemiWare , Report Runner Batch
The prices starts at $299 but I would not recommend a scheduler as the only option.  Your users will be restricted just to fixed reports and you will need to handle all special requests manually.

Here are links to compare some ...

This comparison is made 1 time per year so double check with the vendors what are the current options and prices.

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nreichAuthor Commented:
Your are right. The 1st point is our goal. that is what happening now with our existing Crystall 9 reports.

When we run the report on our sharepoint the url comes up is as below.

Now, how to follow the same with CR2013.

Thanks in advance.
That looks like you were using Crystal Enterprise to run the reports.

You may need to use Crystal Server to get the same capability

nreichAuthor Commented:
Thank you mlmcc.

Is there any other way to run CR2013 reports on our sharepoint website without going for cystal server.

thanks in advance
Vasto gave you several options

nreichAuthor Commented:
In addition to these excellent solutions, we also purchased a product called ReCrystallize to help us create aspx files from the rpt files to use and imbed within our SharePoint site.

Thanks everyone for your awesome and quick replies.
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