Why the AP can not connect with the Cisco switch?

2 Cisco switches 2960 was connected with a trunk to carry 2 VLANs - VLAN 101 for data, and VLAN 102 for voice - IP phones. Please see the switch configurations as attached:

 Basically, switch01 is a 24-port Gigabit Ethernet with POE support, whereas Switch02 is a 24-port Fast Ethernet without POE. A trunk was created that carries VLAN101 and 102 between 2 switches. Switch01 is working fine with mixture of laptop/desktops/ip phones, with DHCP server hosted on one of the server connected to switch02. However, for switch01, only existing devices that connected are working fine. My co-worker tried to connect a Wireless AP with a static IP, and he found that the network port "Activity" and "link" LEDs are off.  Connect to other port on switch01 is the same.

What could be a problem? Does the switch configured wrongly? How about trunk? Could it be the port speed, duplex? How about spanning-tree, does this needed?

Thanks in advance!
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Soulja53 6F 75 6C 6A 61 Commented:
On the trunks:

interface GigabitEthernet0/2
 no switchport access vlan 101
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 101,102
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport nonegotiate
 duplex full

You don't need the switchport access vlan 101

For the port on switch one that you want to connect to the AP do this:

interface GigabitEthernet0/24
 switchport mode access
 switchport access vlan 101
 no switchport voice vlan 102
 spanning-tree portfast

Try that. It may be that since you have voice vlan configured, the port is trying to negotiate a trunk with the AP and the AP is not configured for that.
MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
Hi Soulja,

The AP is in the default mode. Do I have to configure AP with VLAN 102?
MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
Sorry, correction here - Shall AP be configure with VLAN 101?
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MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
As for the trunk configuration, does his mean that the trunk is carrying VLAN 1 as native, and VLAN 101 and 102 as tagged?
Soulja53 6F 75 6C 6A 61 Commented:
The AP should be configured as VLAN 101. I am saying change the port that the AP will connect to into an ACCESS port. With voice vlan on it, it's really a trunk port.

The access command doesn't have any effect since the port is in trunk mode, so it's not needed.   VLAN 1 by default is the native vlan anyway unless you specify a different vlan with switchport trunk native vlan x (x being the vlan number)

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MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
Precisely, it is a AP itself not power
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