MS Access table not listed in navigation pane

I'm using a query of MSysObjects in Access 2010 so I can loop through the data tables in the database. One Name that appears in the query results is "f_E7D0A31B84294BE3B678A286FF7FEEB9_Data". The query shows that this object is a Type=1 which would be a local table, but f_E7D0A31B84294BE3B678A286FF7FEEB9_Data does not appear in the navigation pane even with navigation options set to show system and hidden objects. What is this table?
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
I have never seen a table name like that?
It may be a "Internal" table or temp table, or simply the result of corruption...?.

But try querying it anyway!

FROM f_E7D0A31B84294BE3B678A286FF7FEEB9_Data

Let us know what you get...


Luke ChungPresidentCommented:
That looks like a relationship object. A better way to get the tables is to use the DAO Tables collection and avoid the system tables rather than hitting the MSysObjects table.

Access also uses that table to save temporary tables that may be used in a copy and paste situation and queries for form/report datasources and control row sources.

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