Exchange Cohabitating with HyperV host

I have a question about running exchange on the hyper-v host. Store.exe is designed to use all but 2GB of memory when available. I am wondering if this includes memory allocation for hyper-v guests?  I have 16gb physical ram On server. 6GB dedicated to vms, and exchange is running 8GB. The whole server is using 15.8GB and crashing often.  Is it missing the vm-dedicated memory and using all the ram?
Jordan SmithAsked:
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Cris HannaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nothing should running on the actual parent server except the Hyper V role and it should not be domain joined.  you really need another vm for exchange and probably another 8 GB of ram
Jordan SmithAuthor Commented:
I appreciate this answer as the best practice.  I did however hard-code the Mailbox Store cache using the registry entry.  This has resolved my memory issue.  Exchange and Hyper-V will continue to co-habitate on this hardware but I will be sure to use VM's for all services in the future.
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