SQL Server 2008 Filestream Question - Anyone familiar?

Hello all,

So I setup the filestream attribute on a server and it looks setup correct.   I have a filegroup etc.    The question I have is the setup entailed still using a varbinary(max) along with unique Guid column.  I am noticing the files get created on the filesystem itself as expected.   One of the database guys though did a length check on the content field I have which is the varbinary(max) along with filestream attribute.   The length of that field coming back through query analyzer is the same size as the physical file being stored.   So for example a 4 meg file showing the length of that content field as 4 meg as well as the file is on the server.  

Am I correct in my assumption and some reading that although the length is showing 4 meg the actual file size is not growing on the data file itself it is showing that via the filegroup down to the physical file?   I am just trying to explain that we are not duplicating the size as it does look that way if you do a length check of the content filestream field.

Thanks all.
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I believe, DATALENGTH would give you length needed based on the actual data saved on the file server and not based on the column data.

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