Exchange 2010 Outbound E-mail filtering

I am trying to figure out how to configure my Exchange 2010 environment to redirect emails with a certain word in the subject line to my cloud based email security service. Currently it looks like my environment is configured to send all email out to the Internet. I want to keep this as is for now, with the slight change of redirecting emails with a specific word or words in the subject line to my email filtering service for filtering.
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Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
Sorry not what you want to hear, but you cant.
You could create a separate send connector to for transfer of messages bound for a particular domain, but there is no way to re-route based on a string in the subject.


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just re-iterate Andrew's comment you can't do this

but you could re-direct the emails to an internal Audit mailbox for manual inspection if you are just looking for specific content.
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