MS SQL Database Resource Usage

How do I monitor and report on the resources that a specific database is using including the affect it it having on system databases like tempdb?

The specific database is part of a shared server with multiple DBs.

I need to move this DB to another server and am hoping that I can place it on an existing shared instance with minimal impact.
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David ToddSenior DBACommented:

Please confirm which version and edition of SQL you are using.

That is, I suspect that the resource governor on Enterprise Edition will have something you can use.

Otherwise, sp_who2 can start to give a feel as it shows cpu and disk that each connection uses.

I'd be interested in how to measure use of tempdb, as some is done by SQL automatically for things like snapshots and row versioning, others are done by developers using temp tables and (bigger) table variables, and so those that coded those should be aware.


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Indy_AdminAuthor Commented:
I was able to piece it together with the sp_who2.  Thank you.
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