Creating a batch file to run Net command


 I have a program called "workflow" in the Services.msc in Windows 2008 Server.
 It fails frequently (at least once every week) and I have been manually restarting the service  in Services.msc.

  I created a batch file "Restart_Workflow.bat" (with two lines of code: (1) net stop workflow
(2) net start workflow)  in the C drive and wanted to schedule it once a day so that it restarts "workflow" service automatically, but it does run.
  When I run this "Restart_Workflow.bat"  file, it fails to run  and I think it is because I have to run this "as administrator".  But I don't know how to make Command Window open during batch file execution.

 Can you help?
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Maybe it runs too fast and there is not enough time between stop and start ?

Try inserting a "ping localhost" between the two, it will give you 4-5 seconds between stop and start... may be enough.

If it is scheduled with Task Scheduler, you can provide another user account (administrator if you want) and a password in the first tab of the job (at the bottom).

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sgleeAuthor Commented:
I added  "ping localhost" and actually I was able to see the error.

Access Error
As I suspected, somehow I need to be able to open Command Windows "As Administrator" to run these commands.
Like I said, run the task under the administrator account (see attached image). In this example, the user is Local\SQLAdmin, yours should be Local\Administrator.

Scheduled task properties
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sgleeAuthor Commented:
Scheduled TaskI created a schedule that runs "Restart_Workflow.bat" once a day. Then I ran it manually, but failed with "access denied". Security Options already shown as Domain Admin account.
So I changed it to Local Admin, but to no avail.
Then I chose "Run with highest privileges" and it ran successfully.

Thanks for your help.
Great, only problem I still see is the account "Administrators" which seems to be a group instead of a user, and the inability to check "Run whether user is logged on or not" which will prevent the task from running if no one is logged on the console.

I would change the account to an administrator account (Local of Domain) and check "Run wheter user...". Then you should be good to go.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Maybe that might explain why this "workflow" service fails to work from time to time?
Sometimes it fails to work a couple of times a day (it is rare). Sometime it fails several times a week.
That would be another question really... we'd need to see Windows Event Logs for the failed service and why you have to stop/restart it...

The scope of the current question was to troubleshoot your batch file, and it seems to be resolved.

I would advise to open a new question with as much detail as possible about the service that is failing, which application installed it and any relevant events in the Event Log.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Good advise. Thank for your help!
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