excel vba aggregate data in column

I have written the code to a point, but need help in completion. I would like to be able to modify this code so the data found in certain rows is written to a cell that expands 2 columns and is in row 2.
Please see the attached word document for the code as exists now and a screen shot of the work sheet.
The words in red is the psuedo-code.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Is the text in row 2 append to when reading each new row, or overwritten.

In other words, should Cell F2 say Yes,Yes,Tell&Do,Tell&Do,Yes,,Yes,Yes or just Yes (from the last row (Brazil)

Given the screen shot shown, what should the other cells in row 2 show?
tesla764Author Commented:
Yes the data should append.

And is it OK for the same text to appear multiple times, i.e. as above or should it be consolidated to say "Yes, Tell & Do"
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tesla764Author Commented:
There should be no repeats.
Here is some simple code, it assumes that the more info row is the last row with data,

Sub Aggregate_IP_row()
    Dim LastRow As Long, LastCol As Integer, c As Integer, r As Long
    Dim Phrases As String
    Dim FoundPhrase As String
    LastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows(ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count).Row
    LastCol = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns(ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns.Count).Column
    For c = 1 To LastCol
            If Cells(4, c) = "In-Practice" Then
               Phrases = ""
               For r = 5 To LastRow - 1
                 FoundPhrase = Cells(r, c)
                 If FoundPhrase <> "" And InStr(Phrases, "#" & FoundPhrase & " ,") = 0 Then
                   Phrases = Phrases & "#" & FoundPhrase & " ,"
'                                    MsgBox "Duplicate Phrase " & FoundPhrase

                End If
' Tidy up the message 

               Phrases = Replace(Phrases, "#", " ")
               Phrases = Left(Phrases, Len(Phrases) - 1)
               Phrases = Trim(Phrases)

               Cells(2, c) = Phrases

            End If
    Next c
End Sub

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tesla764Author Commented:
Thanks, I will give that a try 1st thing tomorrow.
tesla764Author Commented:
Hi ChloesDad,
  I gave the code a test and it really looks good. One last thing before closing. I did not want to include the last row "More Info". What would I change to make that happen?
In my testing, the More Info row was the last row of used rows, so my loop counter to lastRow - 1 will exclude the More Info Row.

If you have data below the more info row then you could change the condition statement to

                 If FoundPhrase <> "" And FoundPhrase <> "More Info..." AND InStr(Phrases, "#" & FoundPhrase & " ,") = 0 Then

Edit "More Info..." as required for the sheet as I'm not certain how many ...s are in the cell
tesla764Author Commented:
There will never be any data below "More Info". I do NOT want More Info to appear in Row 2 with all the other data. Data concatenation should stop before the row that contains "More Info".
See Attached word file for screen shot. Notice in the row 2 cell the words "More Info" appear. Everything else looks great.
tesla764Author Commented:
Oops, here is the file attachment.
tesla764Author Commented:
Did you get the attachment alright?
tesla764Author Commented:
Thanks. Your help was fantastic.
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