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I have desktops located on domain of company X.My staff sit at company  X premises loginto their domain and access few applications located in their datacentre.
My staff also want to access few web applications plus Microsoft outlook which is located in our datacentre and for this we will provide them citrix platform.

Since users are sitting in different domain I want to know how they will connect to our citrix farm via IP VPn or over MPLS cloud

Should they be opening their local Internet explorer and typing in a weburl which will launch our citrix login page?
Is there any alternate delivery model to stream apps to their desktop(they are not in my domain)

In case they are using web URL to login to my citrix farm will they be able to print a document  or copy a file from my citrix farm to their local pc.

All my web applications will be accessible through ie8 ,plus I need to give Microsoft outlook and a home drive via citrix.Should I be giving this using a vdi xendesktop or I need to just use xenapp ...
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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
How are you going to present the URL? Put your web interface on the external interface? That's a very bad idea! Apart from the huge security risk - exposing your internal network to external- you need a public IP for each of your VDIs.

That's why you will need an Access Gateway (or Netscaler) with the external interface configured with a public IP (the only public IP required), providing SSL secure VPN and isolating your internal network from outside.

So the communication between your staff's desktops and your network will occurr through port 443. As such company X will have to have port 443 opened. This way you provide your staff in company x with a URL (starting https://) from where they type in their credentials (from your network) and get access to there published apps and desktops.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Is your domain in the same forest as company x domain? Or are they completely in different forests and no relationships exist in between?
Sukku13Author Commented:
No relation between domains
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Well the best I could think of is setting up an Access Gateway on your environment and opening port 443 on your outer firewall as well as company X firewall. If you want to stream the apps then your staff need to install the offline plugin in addition to the online plugin on the desktops in company X.

Whether you need to stream, provide hosted apps or provide xendesktops really boils down to your requirements. If you don't have these environments yet, then I would recommend to start with XenApp hosted apps. xenDesktop requires a lot of infrastructure considerations. You will need streamed apps if you have incompatibilities btw the app and other installed apps, or you want to offset resource utilization from server to client.

As for copying files and security concerns, these can be controlled with the policies from your side.
Sukku13Author Commented:
I already have vdi so if the other company has internet then cant they jjust use a url I publish login using a domain id we give access the vdi desktop.do I still need to open 443..stream apps down to their physical desktop.They r going to use physical desktop since they will access some apps fat clients installed on their physical pc but these r not my apps this is company x apps..
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