sharepoint log file huge on 2008 SBS server

I have a customer with Windows 2008SBS that is very low on C drive space.  Found that there is a sharepoint logfile at about 50GB that needs to be dealt with.  As far as I know they are not even using SharepOint on the server.

They are down to about 5 GB o C.  How do I deal with this file ?
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You can "Safely" delete the sharepint logfile (if you know they are not using Sharepoint).

This log file can grow huge if a novice person set it up.

If they are using a sharepint server I can tell you how to shrink this long file using the SSMS.
jtd1Author Commented:
I don't know 100% that they are not using SharePoint but I know they were not using it when I set up the server initially a few years ago.  If I failed to mention I hate SBS, let me mention it now :)

To be safe, can you send me instructions to reduce log properly and then I will disable sharepoint and wait for them to complain that some feature they were using is not working.

Rainer JeschorCommented:
do they use companyweb? Then they use Sharepoint.
What log file? A database (SQL server) log file (ldf) or text log files under  the Sharepoint hive?
jtd1Author Commented:
The full name of the file is:  


It is in C:\Windows\SYSMSI\SSEE\MSSQL.2005\MSSQL\Data

If I look at the SBS COMPANYWEB, there are no SHARED DOCUMENTS, no ARCHIVED EMAILS.  In fact if I click on VIEW ALL SITE CONTENT, it lists the default containers and the last modified date is 4 years ago for every folder and item count is zero.  I suspect this is pretty good confirmation they are not using it, correct ?

That said, if possible would be best to shrink properly ?  Keep in mind I have very limited C space if a work area is required on C.  D drive has about 40 GB free and more if I need it

Thanks in advance !
You Should Not delete a LDF file. This is not a regular sharepoint log file. This is needed by SQL server for transaction management.  But you can shrink it:

Goto SSMS(SQl Server Management Studio)

 change Recovery Model to SIMPLE (Go to DB properties,  then options).

Then shrink log file (goto DB tasks, shrink, file, File Type : log).

Change database back to original FULL Recovery Model

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