MS Outlook 2010 not responding after IMAP account added

I successfully added an IMAP account to my MS Office 2010 profile (manually, but verified). Since then, as soon as I open Outlook it becomes non responsive (Not Responding).  As I cannot remove the account the traditional way through Outlook itself, is there a way I can remove the IMAP account?  I tried safemode but it still hanges (Not Responding) upon initialization.
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unknown_routineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can:

In  the Control Panel, open the Mail.

Title bar of the Mail Setup dialog box contains name of the current profile.

Select a different profile(IMAP), click on  Show Profiles,  then select profile name, and then click on Properties.

Click E-mail Accounts.
Select the account, and then click Remove.
 confirm removal of the account by  clicking  Yes.
I think Outlook eventually becomes responsive.  Just leave it for up to 30 minutes and eventually you will get an error message and then you can remove the account.

My guess is whoever set the outlook specified a large timeout for the connection.
Jordan SmithConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you able to remove just the IMAP connection using the Mail icon in Control Panel?
chaddcarrAuthor Commented:
Alternatively, you can also just disconnect from the Internet (turn off wifi or unplug cable) which allows Outlook to open correctly.  Then, simply remove the mailbox as usual.
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