Select a field from a table in coldfusion.

I have a online form and I'm displaying the email field from the email table.  This field is not valid anymore.  So here is the current script.  Please see attached images.

<CFQUERY NAME="DisplayEmail" datasource="aar" username="#application.username#" password="#application.password#">
    SELECT *
    FROM email
    WHERE email.user_id = #client.user_id#

              <td height="21">E-Mail:</td>
              <td height="21"><cfoutput>
                  <input type="hidden" name="email" value="">

Now I want do a change and I would like to display the 'official_email' from the ENR table.
I've tried and it didn't work.

FYI, the enrollee_id_number is primary key into the ENR table which is identical to the foreign key id_number in users table.

How can I do it.. .

  SELECT official_email
    FROM enr, users
    where enr.enrollee_id_number = select .....
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You could replace the existing query with this..

<CFQUERY NAME="DisplayEmail" datasource="aar" username="#application.username#" password="#application.password#">
    SELECT official_email
      FROM enr
    WHERE enrollee_id_number  = #client.user_id#

If you need to join them

          , e.official_email
    FROM users u
       left join enr   e  on e.enrollee_id = u.user_id
    WHERE u.user_id  = #client.user_id#

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koilaAuthor Commented:
I will test it    Thanks
koilaAuthor Commented:
FYI.  Is not the same id.  
WHERE enrollee_id_number  = #client.user_id#
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koilaAuthor Commented:
Good morning gdemaria,

Please see attached scripts results into my comments.  So this is an example for this username .

I need to retrieve this field 'official_email' from my database enrollees... Maybe you have to do select into select.. not sure.  .

Into your code below the Enrolle id_number is 972432 will be not equal to the client.use_id which is 16885

<CFQUERY NAME="DisplayEmail" datasource="aar" username="#application.username#" password="#application.password#">
    SELECT official_email
      FROM enr
    WHERE enrollee_id_number  = #client.user_id#


Please advise. thanks!
koilaAuthor Commented:
Would you please help me on this questions.
koilaAuthor Commented:
Could you please review this question below.
koilaAuthor Commented:
Please note that you have respond to my question in general but to not my specific question querry.  I will post this in a separate question, if you are intested please change the script according to the requirements.

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