Visual Studio / SSIS basics, .sln vs. .dtproj

I'm learning SSIS / SSRS in VS 2008 (Sql Server 2008 R2). When I open VS 2008, I see two projects with the same name (and same folder) . . .

I see
JHU Members.sln
JHU Members.dtproj

both in the same folder.

What's the difference ? I opened both and it looks the same in Solution Explorer.

One other question - it looks like you can only have one project open in VS 2008, is that true ? So if I was actively working on two (or more) projects, I would just open up another window(s) ? I've done that but was just wondering if this is the right approach.
Alaska CowboyAsked:
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Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
The BIDS paradigm for developing SSIS packages is based on the concept of projects and solutions. A project is a container for one or more SSIS packages. Projects can be used to organize SSIS packages in a meaningful way. For instance if I have a number of SSIS packages that are used to load a data warehouse from a particular source system, I might create an SSIS project for all SSIS packages that are used in the ETL process for that source system. I might create other SSIS projects for the various other source systems that are used to populate the data warehouse.

A solution is a container for one or more projects. When you create multiple SSIS projects to organize your packages, you combine those packages into one or more solutions. Continuing with my example above, if I have several SSIS projects that each represent a source system used to populate a data warehouse, I might create a single solution to hold all of these related SSIS projects.

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As mentioned above, the SLN file is the containing solution which can have many separate projects (in this case the dtproj file).

Under the projects, you can have many different ssis packages (.dtsx files) that do your actual work.

Solutions are not just limited to containing one type of project, you may also have a console application or a Windows Forms application that contains a project in there as well.  This one would have a different extension (.csproj for C#) than the dtproj files.
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
BriCrowe, ok, great info, thank you.

Jmcmunn, ok thank you as well.

So it looks like it created a solution and a project when I started my "JHU members" work. And the solution has one project, so that's why it looks the same whether I open the solution or the project, at this point it's one and the same . . .
Essentially it is the same thing for you currently, you could eventually have more projects in that SLN or have that dtproj be in more than one solution.

Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
ok, that's a wrap, thanks !
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