Network Configuration - VSS will not work since we need quad SUP for redundancy


I will be building a new network shortly and I need some feedback from you.

There will be two routers, one for the MPLS and the other for the Internet.

We will also have a pair of firewall for the internet traffic and two Cisco 4510R switches.

I will be connecting two switches using trunk between the sup module and configure routing (OSPF) on the Switch A.

I was thinking about connecting MPLS to Switch A and Internet to Switch B to balance the traffice on the switches.

Is that a good practice or should I just connect both MPLS and Internet to Switch A and configure OSPF on Switch A and use Switch B as layer 2?

Note that all users will be connecting to both Switches with different VLANs.

Please help me making a decision.

Thank you.
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I doubt that you need load-balancing - assuming your traffic is nowhere near the capacity of the switches.

What you might want is redundancy - for example, if Switch A is down and you no longer have Internet access, it may be useful to have access to "MPLS" via Switch B.
   Perhaps you can get Internet access via "MPLS" depending on what is on the other side.

However, to do this you need to do routing on both switches - and possibly some HSRP/VRRP set-up for failover of the default gateway between the switches.

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Craig BeckCommented:
What Sups do you have?  You can do quad-sup VSS with the Sup7-E in the 4510-R AFAIK.
InfamusAuthor Commented:
Hi, craigbeck.

Good to hear from you again since it seems like you know a lot about VSS.

However, below is response from Cisco.

Since manual failover is requred, this is not an option becasue this is a remote location.

-- Does 4500 Switch support Quad SUP VSS?
 Quad-Supervisor (In-chassis Standby Supervisor Engine) Support
The Catalyst 4500 series switches support dual supervisors in a redundant chassis, which can be configured for SSO or RPR mode. However, when a chassis is running in VSS mode, it supports a second supervisor engine, but only in rommon mode. In-Chassis-Standby (ICS) can not participate in control, management, or forwarding plane functioning. This makes ports on the supervisor engine in rommon mode available for forwarding although it neither participates in any switchover nor provides protection against any failure. In VSS mode, an In-Chassis-Active (ICA) supervisor engine participates in VSS control/ management operation and manages ports on the supervisor engine in rommon mode.
If the second supervisor engine is inserted in a redundant chassis, the following information applies:
• It must also be manually configured for VSS mode, i.e., it must have been converted from standalone to VSS mode previously. If you insert a supervisor engine that was not configured for VSS mode, it will disrupt the operation of the ICA supervisor engine. If it was previously configured, automatic boot must be disabled (i.e., to boot only to ROM Monitor) with the confreg command in rommon.
The supervisor engine does not takeover or boot automatically when the ICA supervisor engine fails. A manual boot up is required to make it participate in VSS; it then functions as an ICA supervisor engine.
Craig BeckCommented:
Ah ok if it's a remote location that's a bit different.  It's not ideal that the failover is manual and out of the question in your scenario, but the point I was trying to make is that you 'can' do VSS with quad sups in the 4510.

Pergr's method would be the way to go.  You'd have to install routes based on the active HSRP forwarder via tracking, etc.
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