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I have a PST file archived from Outlook that needs to be opened at a different location that does not have Outlook installed and nor do I have a licenced copy of Outlook to install.  The computer only has Outlook Express which I understand cannot open a PST file.  If I have access to Outlook, could I export a PST file to a file format that would be read by Outlook Express???
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have access to Outlook, I would suggest installing Mailstore Home, and archive it into there. After that, take the mailstore archive, copy it to your own PC. Mailstore Home on that PC, can easily point to the files you just brought in, and you have access to all your email. Best of all, this program has excellent search capabilities (even in attachment, if you configure it to do so)
While there's an option to export it to Outlook Express, I wouldn't do so, because of the excellent search, and portability (if you move to another PC, just take the archive files again).
It's a free product for Home use only though.
Outlook Express is able to import PST file if Outlook is also installed on the same machine.

In your case, if you have Outlook Express (not Windows Live Mail, the new product), you can install a trial version of Outlook 2010 to be able to import .pst file

If you have Windows Live Mail installed, you can also install a trial version of Outlook 2010, then installed Thunderbird to be able to import .pst file. From Thunderbird, you can export to .elm that can be imported in WLM
rsabaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the helpful hint.  I'll give it a try.
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