Issue with GPO deployment of Acrobat Reader vs manual installation


We do manage many SBS (2008 / 2011 / 2012E) servers for our customers. We do use these servers to deploy and maintain Adobe Acrobat Reader among our customers computers via Group Policy. We have done this without particular issue on over 500 computers.

We just faced an issue with one of our customers that needs to sign PDF Forms with Acrobat Reader. This involves receiving PDF forms from government agencies, signing it with ID cards containing government issued certificates (and government provided middleware), and sending back the signed PDF form.

When signing the PDF forms, Acrobat Reader just freezes. We tracked this down to the way Acrobat Reader gets installed. If installed by GPO, the issue is present. If the same package gets launched manually, everything works fine.

In order to keep investigating this further, I am looking for

1. how to lauch the installation of the package manually but under the SYSTEM account in order to use the same privileges as the GPO installation ? This should tell me if I have a permission issue somewhere (NT SYSTEM vs domain admin)

2. a tool that would help me record files / registry changes during both GPO and manual installation, and produce a report allowing me to highlight the différences

The target computers are running Windows 7 Pro SP1.

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Adam BrownConnect With a Mentor Sr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
1. The system account has more or less randomized credentials, so it isn't really possible to directly run an installation using the system account. You can bypass this issue by using a scheduled task, but that isn't much different than running a GPO install. Try running the install with a scheduled task and if that doesn't cause your problem, you could push a GPO with a scheduled task for the install.

2. has a bunch of utilities that can record registry modifications.
xmiAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late reply. The proposed solution allowed us to simulate GPO installation and helped us in our investigations.
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