Sharepoint 2013 local link apps do not work

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Hi there,
On my sharepoint 2013 I added an app 'Links', then in the URL I typed file://servername/Shared/files/ the folder does not open up when I click to test it, I also tried '\\servername\Shared\files' no luck.  
 But in sharepoint 2010 it works fine.  
Any clues?
Need help
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You might check the Browser Link Handling:
It is located in Central Admin, for the Web Application, its under General Settings.  It could be that when it is set to "Strict" it prevents this, but setting it to "Permissive" should allow it
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure Admin


it did not help.  still when I click onto the local file links they do not work in browser.  Need help plz

its doubtful, but its possible that if you go into the particular authentication provider for that web application, changing the Client Integration setting might possible accomplish this.
I can only assume that this is a function of a SharePoint setting, not a difference between 2013 and 2010

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