File system structure corruption error 3 times a day

We have a Windows 2008 R2 64 bit server. We have a C volume (OS) and D volume (data). D volume is RAID5 with 4 physical disks.
Everyday at 2:26 am, 10:26 am, and 6:26 pm, it reports event ID 55 with source NTFS with the following description for the D volume:

The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility....

I run check disk but it does not find any error. I have checked the hardware logs but no issue is reported.

There is no scheduled task that runs at 8-hour interval that I know of and I cannot find anything else that does.

Anyone has any idea? Thanks.
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realtimerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
A Microsoft hotfix seems to have fixed it.

No ideas about the OS right now, but have you ruled out a power issue?

If the machine on a UPS and is it working as it should? If a spike or brown out is getting through it could corrupt the data coming from the drives or the cache of the data on the computer and put up the error. Then when you scan the drive it refreshes the data and says it's all okay.

I have seen this with a backup where the hot water systems were turned on remotely by the electrical supply mob took out the backup. The customer wasn't happy to pay for a UPS so I just moved the time of the backup and it worked fine, I would have preferred a UPS.

does it show an error in event viewer?
can you test with a clean boot?
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realtimerAuthor Commented:
Thanks pjwallis but I don't think it is a power issue. We have 4 servers all connected to a brand new UPS (installed a week ago) and to another UPS. This is the only server reporting the issue.
realtimerAuthor Commented:
Thanks nobus. Yes, it does record event ID 55 in system log as shown above.
This is a file server so it can only be rebooted after hours unless absolutely necessary. It would be very difficult to reboot multiple times with different processes enabled each time and find our if there is any change at 2:26 am.
try running HDDRegenerator then :
realtimerAuthor Commented:
It resolved it.
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