Shared folder has gone missing

Running windows 2003 server. One folder on the SAN appears to have gone missing.

When I run a search for the folder it sees it as well as some contents however it says the file size is 0.

When I go to the location the file is not there

--I have made sure show hidden files as well as operating system files is turned on

Also it is not in the recycle bin on the server

Any other ideas?
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piattndConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If no other files or folders on that file system are damaged, my guess would be someone deleted the files.  Unfortunately, by default there are no auditing rules in place, so it's almost impossible to tell what was done.  If you knew a rough timeline, you could look at your domain controllers in the same site as the file server and check the security logs for access requests, but even that is tough to know exactly who is doing what.

If other folders or files are damaged, you could be dealing with corruption, but it doesn't sound like that's the case here.
Ignore the share for right now.  Can you even browse the folder structure on the SAN to get to the destination and the files you're looking for?  If not, you need to pursue a restore on the folder/files.  If the files are there, check the path on your share to confirm the path is correct.
itsup23Author Commented:
thing is there are lots of other client folders in the same location that are all there. I know I can restore the whole share (all of the folders)

I am just more interested as to what would have caused this
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