Icon getting trashed on Windows 7 workstations

On any Windows 7 computer on this Windows Server 2008 R2 domain we have an odd thing happening that does not happen on XP workstions:

There is a local program on the computer that runs. But it is based on a exe on the server that looks up an ini file.   NOTE: I am not talking about disappearing icons that are part of desktop cleanup.

In the past, users have simply dragged the icon over to their desktop and then double click to run.  But on any Windows 7 computer, the icon gets trashed when it is copied. When I look at the property of the icon, it shows the location of the icon on the server. It shows the icon in the the preview window.

I can go to the server folder. I can see the icon file. I can even copy it to the widows computer and associate the item with the same icon locally and it works fine. So I know of ways to get it working, I guess. but I want to get it working the way it has always worked if possible.

BTW, the program runs just fine with all the parameters, and it's only that the icon gets trashed.

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I'm not sure what you mean here, you have a program ( icon)
what stands out to me is when the users copy the program icon it loses the directory of the actual load/run
When I look at the property of the icon, it shows the location of the icon on the server.
yes but that's just the location of the icon not the program that runs it?
Is it shared with everyone?
Have the users make a shortcut of this programs shortcut (icon) and copy that back to their desktop?
Does it run then?
This way they have a shortcut that leads them back this programs default shortcut icon?
Needs more details really.
Lets say you have photoshop on a server you want to use it on another system the host program must be shared.
That thing we click on that opens the Photoshop
So you would need to go to photoshop and share it with everyone, that puts the icon of the entire tool in the public folder for everyone.
MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
I put a shortcut to a exe which resides on the server.  In the run line of the properties it runs program.exe with an ini file. On that ini file are the arguments used in conj. with the program. The ini file also specifies the location of the icon to be used. That icon is also on the server.

To get the appropriate item back on the desktop, the user goes to a network location and runs the exe.

This opens the program as well as places a shortcut to the program on the desktop.

It all works on XP. But on any Windoes 7 box when the program is run or the icon is manually coped to the desktop and run, the icon gets trashed.

If I go into the properties of the shortcut, I see the icon referenced in the change icon part of the properties. The path to the icon on the server is correct. The preview of the icon in this selection window looks correct. But the icon on the desktop is trashed ... Like you would expect if you have a shortcut to a program on the server with the icon on the server but the server connection gets disrupted. The icon changes to that un associated icon, or trashed.

But the program runs fine. Network is not lost. But icon is trashed. The oath is correct, I can navigate to the location of the.ico file. I can copy the file to local machine.
MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
Forget about the program and the ini file just think of any program on the server where you place a shortcut to that program on the desktop the program works but the desktop icon gets trashed. Like I said it works like it has always worked on XP boxes but for some reason the only way the program will work with the associated icon on Windows 7 box is if I place the icon on the local machine and redirect the shortcut to look for the icon on the local machine
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hmm I see what your saying, I think,
It's the way it's installing?
Is that the right words?
Windows 7 differs at the core from xp.
When I install something locally it adds an ( icon) denotes the program for identification
either on my desktop or start menue etc.and links to the directory.
Seems as if windows 7 doesn't identify with the program as being installed locally
That has to be in the programming.
The program seems to be acting like a download manager rather than installing the program locally.
Maybe something needs to be updated.
Even though the image has the right .ico elements windows may not identify with it as installed locally
This issue may occur because the icon cache is not updated correctly.
Try the Fix it for me

Increase the limitation for the iconcache with this STRING value:

Windows 7 Extract ICO From EXE
Any antivirus interfering?
Allow the program through windows 7 firewall?

On a more technical level windows 7 handles dlls differently from XP
Dynamic link library pops into my head. .DLLs how this program manages those
Lets see what that relates to.
Dynamic linking allows a module to include only the information needed to locate an exported DLL function at load time or run time. Dynamic linking differs from the more familiar static linking, in which the linker copies a library function's code into each module that calls it.
There are two methods for calling a function in a DLL:
•In load-time dynamic linking,
•In run-time dynamic linking

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MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
Perfect. Sorry my description was a bit convoluted. But the fix it did the trick. I did a custom fix and just concentrated on ICONs and it took care of the problem immediately.

Thanks for taking the time!
Good to see that resolved it MrSlithy
thank you
glad to help.
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