How to automatically align list items or libraries listing to the left?

Hello Experts,

I have a 3 column layout page that I use.
For some odd reason all webparts on the 1st and third column all have the file names flushed to the left however the second column has it centered. Regrdless of what web part I place in it. Please be so kind to let me know how to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

Please see image.alignment
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
so its SharePoint 2010 - server or foundation?
Did you create a custom web part page layout?
It seems that there is one stylesheet / inline style which affects the alignment.
Is the page accessible from the internet?
If not, you might try to open the page in Internet Explorer and use the built-in dev tools (shortcut is F12). Select the web part and see the effective applied styles (and from where the styles are coming from). If this does not show any center/middle alignment try to select the affected column and so on.
Other option could be to save the generated HTML source (in IE -> Right click -> View Source) and attach it to the question but it could be necessary to attach the referenced style sheet files as well.

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