DPM 2012... Backup BMR + File level recovery same server

Using MS Data Protection Manager (DPM), Is it possible to have a server be a member of 2 protection groups? This is the scenario...

Perform BMR (Bare metal recovery) for c:drive which has all OS stuff

PROTECTION GROUP TWO (Same Server)      
Perform backup of d:drive for restoring individual data files.

Want bare metal backup with the ability to restore individual files.
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Haresh NikumbhConnect With a Mentor Sr. Tech leadCommented:
Answer is yes.. same server can be part of 2 different protection group

Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
I would like you to reconfirm, you can restore single file or folder from the same backup which you have taken for BMR purpose.

In short, configure full server for BMR recovery option.. ( both volume )

once backup done try use recovery option to restore files from the same server.
PJL2Author Commented:
Thanks for responding.

File level recovery from BMR only works (confirmed) if server in question is a Hyper-V server. I quess the question is: Can you have the same stand-alone server as a member of 2 different protection groups?
PJL2Author Commented:
Appreciate your response. I believe that the link you provided does not address "same server can be part of 2 different protection groups". Do you have a link that directly addresses this or have you had personal experience in doing this?
PJL2Author Commented:
You were correct. One group for files not on os drive (data files) and BMR for os drive. Thanks
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