Adding a new table to the back end database

I've successfully split a new database into a frontend (KDC_RAMM.accdb) and a backend (KDC_RAMM_be.accdb).  My problem is that I've now added a new table to KDC_RAMM_be.accdb but can't see where in the frontend I can add link to this new table.  The Linked Table Manager only lists the originally linked tables.   I'll attach a screenshot of the tables available.   This used to be so easy to do in previous versions.
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chaauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In your frontend database open "External Data" toolbar ribbon and click on  "Access" button in the Import group. A wizard will appear. On the first step browse to your backend database and select "Link to a data source by creating a linked table". A list of tables will apear. Select your table. It is now linked
kerikeriAuthor Commented:
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