Exchange hanging

Good day,

I have a client running SBS2011. And on this server Exchange of course.

Three computers are connected to this exchange server. They are all on the local network however not domain users.

The issues occurs on all three computers. They are all running Windows 7.
Outlook 2013.

Some times my client has an issue where the computer freezes, you cannot type or do any thing on the computer at all.  After about 5- 30 seconds at max  the computer unlocks and every thing works fine.

I did notice one of the computers today after the lockup exchange prompted for a password although it did say it was already connected.

Does any one have any ideas?
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Andrew DavisConnect With a Mentor ManagerCommented:
As this is SBS the exchange server is (should) be providing DNS to the clients as well. It is also more than likely acting as file, and Print server.

With the advent of exchange 2010, by default it will consume as much RAM as it can, and in theory give it back when needed. My experience has been that this doesn't happen quick enough and the server can be slow to respond to other requests that it should be doing.

For this reason unless i have too, i never put services onto SBS other than what it was designed for. As extra load can cause issues.

Try locking down the amount of RAM that the server can utilize for exchange see

This will mean that more ram is left for other functions that the server needs to perform.

Are your PCs running a disk check tool in the background? I had several Lenovo notebooks having this issue some time back where the disk checker detects a movement on the laptop, due to its high sensitivity to movements, and the system hangs for 5-10 sec before resuming.

Tune the sensitivity to low, and it should fix the issue.

I don't think it's a problem with exchange. one way to test is to close Outlook, and run Outlook Web Access to see if the problem can repeat itself.
AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
Good ideas I will check .  I find the issue very hard to replicate.  

The reason I  point to exchange is I have  server 2012  Rdp with Outlook connected to exchange also and have a very similar issue. With lock ups on all three  PC's once again I find this issue extremely  hard to replicate.
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AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
The server has does have 16 GB of RAM provisioned to it.  I will  check out locking down the RAM thank you
AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
The server was consistently using 13GB of RAM mainly the exchange store, even when idle. I have locked exchange  down to 8GB hoping this will help.

There is nothing extra running on this server except the standard SBS setup and share point has been disabled.
Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
Good Luck.
Let me know how it goes.

AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
Thanks time will tell.
AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
I have  not had an issue again thanks for the help.
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