Long ping on new PC with same internet and software

Switching from an old PC running Windows 7 to a newer much faster PC with a much bigger and more powerful graphics card also running Windows 7, League of Legends (LOL) is seeing a ping of over 1000ms on the new machine compared to around 30-60ms on the old machine.

The new machine is connected to the internet in the same way as the old one - took the blue cable out of one and put it into the other.

Without LOL running, the ping is about 14ms on the new machine.

So it's the combination of the new machine and the game making the ping blow out.  Can anyone suggest why and how to fix it?
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I think the issue might be that you have a network cable that's creating a loop on the network. Check the network cables you have connected, there might be a loop causing the network to be broadcasting a storm.
sjgreyAuthor Commented:
I'm pretty sure there is nothing like that.  It is a very simple home network.

The key point is that the network connection on the two machines is the same - disconnect the cable from the old machine and plug it into the new one.  From the plug on the end of the cable out into the internet it's identical to what the old machine was using.
you pinned the cause  yourself :  Without LOL running

does it do the same with another game ?
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sjgreyAuthor Commented:
Not yet, loading some up now.

However, LOL on the old PC did not have the same problem despite being on the same internet connection, exactly the same.
i assume the traditional things are ok :
-windows updates
-all motherbozrd drivers installed?
sjgreyAuthor Commented:
Brand new machine - updated as it was turned on I'm afraid

Another multi player online war game (Battlefield Three) has since been loaded and works fine with the game settings on the most demanding end of the spectrum.  It handled a twenty player game perfectly

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