Limit Search Query Suggestions to local site in Search Server Express 2010


We have used Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express to create an intranet (http://intranet/) where people search content found in lists, pages, etc. The users utilise the Search Query Suggestions feature quite heavily to help them search and locate content. All is well.

Now, I want to deploy a new SharePoint solution we developed in a new Site Collection in our intranet, say, http://intranet/sites/NewSiteCollection/NewSolution/.

In this new sharepoint solution I need to let my users search for specific content that exists ONLY under this new site, i.e. http://intranet/sites/NewSiteCollection/NewSolution/.

I have created search scopes, so whenever users search for content, I only return results pertaining to my own content types, etc.

My problem is that the Search Box displays Search Query Suggestions that come from the root site collection, i.e. http://intranet, so any search query suggestions coming from my local site may not get displayed at all.

Also, please keep in mind that although search query suggestions appear from the root site, they will not help to retrieve content in my site (I think).

So, can you please help me to filter search query results that come ONLY from my new site in http://intranet/sites/NewSiteCollection/NewSolution/ and NOT from the sites over it?

Thank you,
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You might need SharePoint Server for this.
To assign custom search scopes to the default search box, you need to create an Enterprise Search Center site and then, via Site Actions / Site Settings / Search Settings, associate the search function of that particular site collection with the search center.
You might possibly be able to modify the Master Page and disable / recreate the search box and assign it to your custom Display Group (Display Groups hold multiple search scopes - Display Groups are what populate the Search Scope Dropdown)
devshedAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response. I appreciate your time.

Actually, as I said in my post, I am able to create my own search scopes based on my metadata properties/managed properties.

The problem I had was that I could NOT restrict the query suggestions to only include suggestions from my site, i.e. it included suggestions from my parent site collection as well, which I did not want, as any suggestion from a parent site would NOT return any results in my site.

Anyway, I solved my problem as follows:

I created a new web application with NO connected Search Service Application
I created a new Search Service Application that ONLY crawls my new web application's site
I connected my new Search Service Application to my new web application

Everything works now!


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devshedAuthor Commented:
None of the provided solutions helped me. In the meanwhile, I solved the issue myself.
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