Word Press Page does not show all content of the page

When editing page in word press at some point whatever I paste in to my page it does not show on the actual page. Is there limit for how big my page can be or may be database not allowing?
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Vaseem MohammedCommented:
can you post a screenshot for your problem?
MurfurFull Stack DeveloperCommented:
Does the database have any entry at all in it?

Where are you pasting FROM? If it is MS Word or similar then you will most likely also be pasting invisible styling rules that may be causing the problem and hiding the text or making it appear white on a white background effectively hiding the text.

A common to get around this is to paste the text into a plain text editor first (Notepad/TextEdit/TextMate etc.) as that will only accept the text and not the styling rules, then select it from there, copy and paste into Wordpress.

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If content is showing on your page, just not "all" of it, you might need to check your theme files to see if the content is being displayed by the code the_excerpt() rather than the_content().

That's usually in the page.php file of the theme, but there's many themes out there and even the new twenty themes use different file structures now, so you may have to open and look through a few files until you find the right one.

In the twenty themes, it's in content-page.php, but the default content display for those is the_content(). So if this could be your problem, you're probably using a different theme.
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