how show history of vpn ipsec on asa - a recent vpn session thats now disconnected?

show vpn-sessiondb - and show of dhcpd lease does not show anyhing

is there a way to show history of connections - i have just the DHCp (private IP ) that was dished to this client - Id like to try and map it to a uer or his public IP  - can anyone assist please
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
To see current webvpn or ssl vpn client session, you will be using
ASA# show vpn-sessiondb webvpn
or ASA# show vpn-sessiondb svc


Normally the two command to verify ipsec vpn are below whivh also reveal much info
ASA# show crypto isakmp sa
ASA# show crypto ipsec sa

You may also want to check this via logging buffered, the syslog log may be more informative and desirable on the history logging

If you have vpn box, there is the vpn trace dump command shows information about all matching VPN connections, including information about:
•The time
•The VPN number
•The real IP address of the peer
•The scripts that have been run
•In the case of an error, the routine and line number of the software code where the error occurred

To view DHCP binding, state, and statistical information, use the
# show dhcpd binding
# show dhcpd state

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To see historical data of IPsec and SSL VPN sessions on a Cisco ASA there is special VPN monitoring software – VPNTTG. For more detailed information please visit following web site:
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