JQuery Page Resize not firing correctly


I have another question related to correcting the CSS of the right border being fixed as apposed to moving with the page.  This question is more about the firing of the JQuery that rebuilds the header and repositions the main content above the left navigation when the page is resized.  what is desired is that when the user drags the page size to the right the page resizes and the main body content will go before the left navigation.  Right now, it does that it is just that you have to first drag the content all the way to the right before the value is refreshed.  Its almost as if the variable for the page width is not reset until the page width is less than 480 px wide.

Here is the page where the code is posted: http://www.usphs.org/default3.aspx
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It could be media queries, or perhaps the validation errors ar contributing to the lack of stability.  The validator is throwing a lot of errors that could be related, and if the validator has a problem figuring out the code then it is almost certain that the browser is not build the kind of stable document object you need for responsive behaviors.

I would suggest you validate the HTML using: http://validator.w3.org/  then run all the CSS through http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ 

Fix the errors and then if the page is still performing incorrectly we will at least have usable code to do diagnostics on.  

There is no value in adding additional hacks. If the page is not stablized it is just going to be a ticking time bomb waiting for an excuse to break.

atljarmanAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks for that tip.  I went therough and corrected all but three errors that I couldn't correct still with the issue.  The on load event isn't firing but when you resize the screen it works as intended.  Http://www.usphs.org as the other page was deleted.
atljarmanAuthor Commented:
I fixed this.  The containers are not referenced correctly.

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atljarmanAuthor Commented:
Solved my own question.  Issue was not related to expert comment although the Expert's comment was helpful in other ways.
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