RDS server configuration

We have installed the RDS server in a windows server 2008 R2 with 5 roles as mentioned below
Remote Desktop Connection Broker
Remote Desktop Gateway
Remote Desktop Licensing
Remote Desktop Session Host
Remote Desktop Web Access

We have configured port forwarding in a gateway level device.
External and internal URL of RDS
Internal URL is going to be http://MP-rds.abc.com
External URL is going to be http://rds.abc.com 
currently for testing we’re using http://remote2.abc.com)

Connecting internally works perfectly but connecting externally we receive the following error when attempting to launch an app: "The remote computer could not be found".

Kindly suggest...!!!
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be DNS. Or port forwarding is not working as expected. I'd start with a simple nslookup test. Then firewall/router logs. And if necessary, capture network traffic with netmon on the destination server and view it in wireshark. In that order.
rigelnetAuthor Commented:
Now we can able to access app and host computers both internally and externally which are configure in RDS server

we are able to connect exteranally from windows 8 operation system but we can not able to access remote app from windows 7 and windows XP.
Is there any security patch update issue? while connection from windows 7 and xp. because its working fine while connection from windows 8 operation system.

we are able to login in web using external url but we could not connect to remote app.

Furthermore we need to add more computers which can be access via web externally.
kindly provide step by step guide.
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