MVC3 - Roles seem to get evaluated differently on different machines


I'm developing an mvc3 site which uses .net membership provider.  There are 3 roles and "all works fine on my machine".

One of the pages which has [Authorize(Roles = "member")] delivers video content.  The video is served from a separate controller which checks to see if the requested video should be served to the user based on their role.  This is evaluated by:
{... deliver file...}

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Some vids are public, some are only for members, some only for the higher membership level etc - "all works fine on my machine".

Previously this worked fine for my customer but he is now finding that the public vids play for him but any role-validated vids are not rendered.  I've checked his user and he has all 3 roles assigned.  If I login with his user then I can view all vids no problem.  

I created a test page to display each role and show if the current user is in that role.  He viewed that and it showed he's assigned to each role.  Then the vids started working for him on one of his machines - on another it made no difference.

What could be causing this?  Some kind of role-cacheing issue perhaps?  Could viewing the new test page (which requires login) have forced the server to recreate the authentication cookie for him?

My roleManager declaration in web.config looks like this:
<roleManager enabled="true">

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Do I need to specify additional attributes for roleManager in web.config to solve this issue?
Or do I need to evaluate the user's role membership some other way in the controller that serves the video files?

Thanks for advice.
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By default the roles aren't cached.
On the client's second machine where it didn't work, did it display the roles on the page?

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DanziggerAuthor Commented:
I had accidentally hard-coded a preview URL into the script that validates the role.  The user was authenticated on the domain they were browsing under, but not authenticated on the domain that was validating access to the video.  Duh!

Very sorry for wasting your time but thanks for the info anyway!
DanziggerAuthor Commented:
The question wasn't really valid as it stemmed from a fundamental configuration error that I made.
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