moving deaktops during server installation


What is the best way to be able to maintain the users desktops when changing from an SBS 2008 domain to an SBS 2011 domain and the domain names are also different.

This is a fresh installation of SBS 2011 and not a migration.
basically so that all the icons are still in the same place and the user can keep all of their own desktop settings etc.

all desktops are going from windows 7 pro back to their own machines on windows 7 pro

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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most settings yes. There are, as I mentioned, a few settings that it cannot touch because they are tied to security IDs and the new account would ignore them even if they were moved. Additionally, some 3rd-party programs that store data in odd locations (like .ini files...they are still out there) or in non-standard places in the registry may re-assume their default settings for new users.

So this may not be *completely* transparent to your users. Just a heads up on that. It is the compromise that must be made for building a new domain. The time saved from not migrating comes at a (usually small) price.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
With a new domain build-out, there is no way to preserve 100% of the settings due to security. You will have to export as many non-security settings as possible and import them into the new accounts.

For a small network, Windows Easy Transfer can do this. For more custom settings or for larger networks, you may want to look at more robust tools capable of automation. Microsoft's USMT can do this, as well as third party tools such as ForensIT's ProfWiz.
choy1977Author Commented:
thanks it is only a small network of 4 users.

so will easy transfer take care of this ok?

Thanks again.
ForensIT is going to be your easiest solution. Here is a link explaining how to use it.
choy1977Author Commented:
Thank you for the advice.
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