Best Language for a auto complete program

I'm interested in creating a program that opens a couple of IE pages and then conducts searches based on what is copied to the clip board

I.E abraham lincoln is copied to clipboard and a webpage that i'm using to search has two fields firstname and surname among other search options

what i want to do is for it to open webpage go to the first name and surname boxes and fill out what is copied form the clipboard

as default if there is only one name I.E Lincoln it would skip first name box and just fill out the surname part

so what i'm asking for is a way to count text boxes on a webpage so i could say if there is two words I.E abraham lincoln it would go to text box 3 and 4 on the page and if only lincoln go to text box 4 only.

i know this is a bit of a long and confusing questions but just being pointed in the right direction would be a huge help thanks

i was originally planning to do this in c++ but if you guys know a better language that runs nativily on windows and would be easier to program suggestions would be great
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Definitly not C++.  Go with C# or VB.NET

you can use .NET clipboard class to copy data to the clipboard

Then use a winform with webbroswer control to navigate to whatever webpage.

After that you need additional code (Sendkey Fundction) to set the focus on the proper text box and based on the contents of the Clipboard fill it out.

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If you know C++, then C# will be very easy to use. It has a built in WebBrowser class that will allow you to inspect and modify the code on the page.
You should be able to directly modify the text on the page without SendKeys.
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