Lync On-Premise user isn't listed under Lync Online Admin Center Users

Hello EE,

We have Lync 2010 on premise and would like to go to Lync Online.
I have the domain configured for the purpose of Lync Online and setup a license for the user, however the user cannot sign into Lync Online.  I went to the Admin center and do not see the user listed here only non-onpremise enabled users are listed.  How do I get my Lync On-Premise users to be able to move to Lync Online and show under users?
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Something could be causing stale registrations.  I suggest upping the limit for that user above 8 as a test to see if it really is a connection limitation or something else causing the error.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Are you talking about the same domain? Lync 2010 does NOT support hybrid scenario (some users on-prem and some in the cloud). You must use a different domain.
Hmm, ignore my reply as that was originally posted to a different question.  Strange.
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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Lync 2010 can be set up in Hybrid configuration as long as you have a server with the Lync 2013 management tools installed. The question is are you are actually set up to use hybrid mode with Split Domain enabled? If not, then you will never be able to see your on-prem users in the cloud.
bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
We currently do not have Lync 2013 management tools.  Thus from what I gather as we don't want 2010 anymore is I could:

1. Disable users from on-premise 2010 and then go through ADSI to clear all the MSRTC settings outside of email address and sip enabled and then they will appear on the portal.  The only thing is clearing 150 users ADSI will be some manual work.  Also with this they lose meetings and contacts which may/may not be a big deal

2. Configure 2010 as Hybrid which we don't want but will allow me to get people out.

Which would you recommend as for time involved?
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
If you still have your Lync 2010 server up, you're basically just going to be cutting over to Lync Online. For this, you would basically disable all your users in Lync (get-csuser|remove-csuser I think in the lync admin shell), point your Lync DNS entries to Lync Online, then ensure that all of your users in the cloud have a Lync license. Users without a lync license will not show up in the admin portal. You can assign licenses to all your cloud users before switching your DNS and that should work fine.

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bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
Ok I get the disable users - no problem
Then I have to go into ADSI edit and set UserEnable to True on all and clear the Primary Home Server, Option Flag and Deployment Locator for the user to show up in the portal.

This is the part I'm concerned about as I have 100 users and to do this manually will take quite some time.  

Licenses are already assigned so only need to make sure minimize down time and then as you said disable and point DNS, but trying to figure why ADSI isn't clearing after the disable?
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