DPM 2012 BMR Setup Question

I have a stand-alone server 2012 that I want to setup for BMR (Bare Metal Recovery). The server has a 4 TB drive split into...
c:drive - contains OS
d:drive - user data files.

Is it possible to setup BMR with just the c:drive... excluding data from d:drive?

I want to put the d:drive in its own protection group so I will be able to do file level restores. This server is not installed on Hyper-V.
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PJL2Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
By default the BMR will protect the “critical system data” According to the Microsoft definition –> critical data =  System State and C drive and all other drivers that contain system data directories (Program files).
PJL2Author Commented:
Where are all the DPM experts? The solution to this question was from the following link... http://scdpm.blogspot.com/2011/11/bare-metal-recovery-bmr-option-in-dpm.html
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