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  When I click on application Icon on Web interface, nothing happens, no message and application does not launch.  This is on Xenapp 6.5 Farm.  After few clicks then it starts to launch.  Where do I start looking at for Troubleshooting ?
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jafrullahmConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Apparently it was profile issue, as soon as I delete user's citrix profile it launches.  As we got mixture of both farm user's profile are getting corrupt.
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
I would log into a Xenapp server publish a test app to a specific server and run a

qfarm /load repeatedly or script it to loop every second.

When you click on the app you will see under Load Throttling a connection starting to take place.  (Numbers Increase)

Check to see if your total load exceeds the load balancing properties or what not. It will at least give you a starting point to see if the web interface is talking to the farm properly.

You can also go into the event view on the web interface and it will have information about what user / app that you are trying to connect to and if it errored out when the app is launching.

Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
did you installed rollup pack 2? if not try to install the same and check. there may be a chance for group policy so apply the policy one by one try to isolate issue.
If you using xml port 80 try to change the port to 8080 using CTXXMLSS
jafrullahmAuthor Commented:
Profiles were getting corrupt because of user being on both xenapp 5 and 6.5 farms.  Clearing user's profile resolved the issue.
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