Breaking/Dismantle DAB Exchang2010 2 member node HOW-To?

...the plan is since the secondary loc is closing was gong to take opportunity to break\dismantle dag.  I dot have complete plan for that process yet either.  Any input?  Two member DAG, passive willy nilly fails over. I have it blocked with Set-MailboxServer –Identity <Passive Server> – DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy Blocked.  Been this way for at least a year now.

DNS was never quite set right to get used to reroute to passive when it becomes primary during failover and while it may have worked with consult company implemented never voluntarily tested it again.   Every so often it will failover since block and I will eventually use cluster group "cluster group" move to get things back online and db back to primary(where I'm at). etc...
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Remove server from dag first

then uninstall it via add remove program.
dee30Author Commented:
what about the windows fail-over cluster?  any billeted list of items i can semi follow?  Thx
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
With 2010 Exchange admins doesn't need to play around with Windows Fail Over cluster snap-in, Exchange itself takes care of everything. You just follow the instruction. Use EMS or EMC to remove server from DAG and then uninstall it.

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