Best way to build a solution, Access or Excel?

Experts, in the attached excel sample, we will have 839 reason codes to be looking up, comparing to state, and looking at defined business rule to flag a loan for manual review.  

What you you recommend for an access solution, vs an excel solution?
Please include ideas for each.

Example of data needed to be loaded and maintained:

Reason Code:  APPR
Business Rule:  Recover <=250.00

Reason Code:  APPR
Business Rule: Recover <=20.00

Reason Code:  APPD
Business Rule:  Drive By <=75.00

Reason Code:  APPD
Business Rule: Recover <=50.00

Many Thanks!
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John EastonConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
For me you need to consider two things before deciding on Access or Excel as the right tool.

Firstly, what do you have the skills to develop?  If you know one tool better than the other then it will be the easier to get working the way you want.

Secondly, and more importantly is how big the data is?  If it will be a few rows with only one user then Excel should be fine.  If there will be thousands of records with multiple users than Access should be your choice.

Ps. if you’re talking about tens of thousands of records or more then I suggest you look towards database servers such as Microsoft SQL or MySQL etc.
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