Office 2010 - Named Toolbars: 1) Do they exist? 2) How do I import one?

Take a look at the two screenshots from an Access 2003 database below. The first screenshot shows a named toolbar. The second shows the tool used to import a toolbar from one MDB file to another MDB file (which is accessed from File / Get External Data / Import).

Named Toolbar
Import Toolbar
Question 1: With ribbons replacing toolbars in Access 2007 and 2010, do named toolbars even exist anymore?
Question 2: If they do, how do I import one from one MDB file to another MDB file (or from one ACCDB file to another ACCDB file)?
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Connect With a Mentor Database ArchitectCommented:
Yes ... your Custom Menus, Toolbar and Right Click menus will import into an A2010 mdb or accdb. The 2nd screenshot you posted is how you do it.

The imported Menus will appear on the Add-Ins Ribbon.

Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
You still have the option to import external data (click on "External data" ribbon, then Access). It's the same "Import Objects" menu.
Don't know if you can still import menus, though. Don't have Access here.

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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Connect With a Mentor Database ArchitectCommented:
Note: In the >= A2007 (A2010/13) environment ... the only way you can change/edit etc., existing custom menus and right click menus is using the CommandBars object in VBA code.

NO tool is provided to do so - like the great little Customize Dialog found in <=A2003.

The good news is - custom menus/toolbars/RightClick menus are still supported.

jdanaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the great discussion.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
"They no longer exist... except for compatibility issues: '"
That statement is not true :-(

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