Is there a way to see all IOS versions for all connected Exchange 2007 server activesync devices?

Hi, I need to find out what the IOS version of the phones connected to our exchange server are and wondered what the powershell command was.  Thanks!
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When you look in the IOS logs, there is a version number of the operating system.

That link describes using logparser to assist in this.

This table will help you identify the version (please note it may not have all versions, but you can see the pattern):

iOS Ver. Device Type DeviceUserAgent
3 iPhone Apple-iPhone/701.341
3.1 iPhone Apple-iPhone/703.144
3.2 iPad Apple-iPad/702.367
3.0.1 iPhone Apple-iPhone/701.400
3.1.2 iPhone Apple-iPhone/704.11
3.1.3 iPhone Apple-iPhone/705.18
4 iPod Apple-iPod2C1/801.293
4 iPod Apple-iPod3C1/801.293
4 iPhone 3G Apple-iPhone1C2/801.293
4 iPhone 3GS Apple-iPhone2C1/801.293
4 iPhone 4 Apple-iPhone3C1/801.293
4.0.1 iPod Apple-iPod2C1/801.306
4.0.1 iPod Apple-iPod3C1/801.306
4.0.1 iPhone 3G Apple-iPhone1C2/801.306
4.0.1 iPhone 3GS Apple-iPhone2C1/801.306
4.0.1 iPhone 4 Apple-iPhone3C1/801.306
4.1 iPhone Apple-iPhone/508.11
5 iPhone 3GS Apple-iPhone2C1/901.334
5 iPhone4 Apple-iPhone3C1/901.334
5 iPhone 4S Apple-iPhone4C1/901.334
5 iPad Apple-iPad1C1/901.334
5 iPad 2 WiFi Apple-iPad2C1/901.334
5 iPad 2 GSM Apple-iPad2C2/901.334
5 iPad 2 CDMA Apple-iPad2C3/901.334
5.0.1 iPhone 3GS Apple-iPhone2C1/901.405
5.0.1 iPhone 4 GSM Apple-iPhone3C1/901.405
5.0.1 iPhone 4 CDMA Apple-iPhone3C3/901.405
5.0.1 iPhone 4S Apple-iPhone4C1/901.405
5.0.1 iPhone 4S Apple-iPhone4C1/901.406
5.0.1 iPad Apple-iPad1C1/901.334
5.0.1 iPad 2 WiFi Apple-iPad2C1/901.334
5.0.1 iPad 2 GSM Apple-iPad2C2/901.334
5.0.1 iPad 2 CDMA Apple-iPad2C3/901.334
5.1 iPhone 3GS Apple-iPhone2C1/902.176
5.1 iPhone 4 GSM Apple-iPhone3C1/902.176
5.1 iPhone 4 CDMA Apple-iPhone3C3/902.176
5.1 iPhone 4S Apple-iPhone4C1/902.179
5.1 iPad Apple-iPad1C1/902.176
5.1 iPad 2 WiFi Apple-iPad2C1/902.176
5.1 iPad 2 GSM Apple-iPad2C2/902.176
5.1 iPad 2 CDMA Apple-iPad2C3/902.176
5.1 iPad (3rd generation) WiFi Apple-iPad3C1/902.176
5.1 iPad (3rd generation) Verizon Apple-iPad3C2/902.176
5.1 iPad (3rd generation) AT&T / International Apple-iPad3C3/902.176
5.1.1 iPhone 3GS Apple-iPhone2C1/902.206
5.1.1 iPhone 4 GSM Apple-iPhone3C1/902.206
5.1.1 iPhone 4 CDMA Apple-iPhone3C3/902.206
5.1.1 iPhone 4S Apple-iPhone4C1/902.206
5.1.1 iPad Apple-iPad1C1/902.206
5.1.1 iPad 2 WiFi Apple-iPad2C1/902.206
5.1.1 iPad 2 GSM Apple-iPad2C2/902.206
5.1.1 iPad 2 CDMA Apple-iPad2C3/902.206
5.1.1 iPad (3rd generation) WiFi Apple-iPad3C1/902.206
5.1.1 iPad (3rd generation) Verizon Apple-iPad3C2/902.206
5.1.1 iPad (3rd generation) AT&T / International Apple-iPad3C3/902.206
6 iPhone 4 GSM Apple-iPhone3C1/1001.403
6 iPhone 4 CDMA Apple-iPhone3C3/1001.403
6 iPhone 4S Apple-iPhone4C1/1001.403
6 iPhone 5 GSM Apple-iPhone5C1/1001.405
6 iPhone 5 CDMA Apple-iPhone5C2/1001.405

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LB1234Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

no usable suggestions
I'm confused why there are "no usable suggestions" to this question.  Can the author please detail how the posted suggestion was not usable?  Perhaps there is a misunderstanding where to look for this data.
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LB1234Author Commented:
The solution listed is not support on the version of the server I have.  We do not run unsupported applications on production servers.
You don't have to use logparser if you don't want to use it, but the data still resides in the IIS logs.  Use whatever program you want or manually parse the logs, but the point of the recommendation was to tell you to find the information from within the IIS logs.

What version of windows server are you running?  There is likely another version of LogParser (or similar app) for that version of windows.  Additionally, LogParser does not have to be run on the server.  I would pull down a copy of the IIS logs to a machine with LogParser installed on it and run the parsing from there anyways.
LB1234Author Commented:
this also doesn't tell me which user has which version which is critical.
LB1234Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

cannot use solutions.
It actually does tell you.  If you look to the left column in the quote I posted, it tells you the iOS version for each device version and how it would appear within the IIS logs.  Each IIS log entry will have the attempted username for authentication, an IP address of the device, and the device/software ID, as notated in the quote above.

I'd gladly give you an example if you post a snippet of your IIS logs (remove any proprietary information first).
LB1234Author Commented:
Wow, you really want those points don't you!??
Moreso, I want to make sure the solutions I give are complete.  If this question is no longer valid because you don't have a need to obtain the information you originally, then I won't object to the closure of this question, but do not close it because of an "unusable" solution when it actually is perfectly usable.
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