Lexmark Printer Scanning through Network

Hello Experts,

I have Lexmark Multifunction Printers. Its connected to the network. I can print from the PC.

I an business application in which I have to scan the documents. How I can use the scan function through network. I don't want to connect through USB.

I am using Windows 7 OS

Please any help.

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eerwaltersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can easily accomplish your goal by using the FTP function of the LexMark multi-function device.  
  1- You load FileZilla Server (freeware) on the desired destination PC
  2- Setup an account name and password in FileZilla for the LexMark MFD
  3- Assign the default folder in FileZilla for the LexMark MFD account
  4- Connect to the browser of the LexMark MFD and setup an address book entry for Scanning with an FTP destination of the IP address of the PC where you installed FileZilla (use the credentials that you created in FileZilla for the authentication settings in the address book entry)
  5- Save the entry
  6- When you are at the LexMark MFD,
            select Scan/Email
            select FTP
            select Search
            select the name that you assigned to the new entry
            the IP address will be displayed, press the check mark
            press the green start button
  7- The scan will occur and you will see it in the folder that you specified in FileZilla on the PC
More than likely if it is an All in One type printer you may have to install the software that came with the printer.  It should have a built in application for scanning from the printer to the local PC over the network.
You may be able to scan directly to a folder on a PC, or the scanner may be able to send the job as an email.

Without details about the printer model it's not possible to give details, but try connecting to the printer's web page (type its IP address into your browser). There should be a section with scan settings.
In order to scan to a network, you have to install the embedded solution. This is of course if your model support this. A model number of your MFP device would be helpful. You can download the solutions from this site http://support.lexmark.com/index?docLocale=en_US&page=content&id=DR21692&locale=EN&userlocale=EN_US When it is installed dont worry about it saying the product is unlicensed, you only have to license the scan to network premium and this can only be added from your local lexmark dealer or reseller.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Great !!
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