Excel password protected files

Windows 7 Professional, Excel 2007.

Password protected worksheets require a few tries to open, non passworded sheets are not affected. not sure if this is a file or program issue.
Andrew FairAsked:
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Steven HarrisConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Have you tried running Microsoft Diagnostics?

Microsoft Office button > Excel Options button > Resources button in the left pane > Diagnose button in the right pane > Continue > Run Diagnostics
Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
Are you receiving any errors?
Andrew FairAuthor Commented:
Here is the Problem signature info

Problem event name;  appcrash
Application name;  excel.exe
app version;  12.0.6679.5000
app timestamp;  518af3b3
fault module name; excel.exe
fault module version;  12.0.6679.5000
fault module timestamp;  518af3b3
exeception code; c0000005
exeception offset; 009a5b01
os version; 6.1.7601.
locale id; 1033
additional info
brand; Office12Crash
Andrew FairAuthor Commented:
Ran Diagnostics then reinstalled program. this resolved the issue.
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