Voip through Pix 501

Moved office all kit worked fine before moving new office has a cisco pix 501 for firewall we are on different ip range to firewall but routed through server as gateway

all pcs and devices work fine just phones no in or outbound calls

Phone   -----------              Server                ---------- pix
192.168.3.?  -- 192.168.3.?   ,  192.168.1.?   ---   192.168.1.?

fixup protocol sip 5060 enabled

please help
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PhonebuffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have three postings on this subject and none of them make much sense..

SIP and NAT do not get along and the PIX 501 never really worked well with VoIP in general, I replaced mine here and at multiple customers years ago.  End of life was back in 2008, and end of service was earlier this year..


Since your phones are passing through a PIX, and between the three posts it appears that this worked before you moved offices?    I assume that your VoIP Host is NAT enabled and that you have updated the "External"  settings and rules on the host for the new public IP you now have..

As well as any one to one NAT rules in the pix that involve the IP Appresses in the 5060-5061 SIP and 10000-25000 RTP  port ranges.

Craig BeckCommented:
Routed, or NAT through server?

Why are you even routing through the server anyway?  I would use the PIX instead unless there's a good reason not to.
WithamAuthor Commented:
its routed through the server not nat

and the reason being this is 2 companies working through same pix and  they need to run off 2 different environments only the pix is shared
Craig BeckCommented:
I'd say it's better to route through the PIX then - the routing/separation through the server probably won't be as secure or reliable.

Anyway, make sure any ACLs are updated to relfect the new IP range behind the server and ensure that the firewall on the server isn't blocking anything.
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